holmenkol 27. January 2021

Holmenkol joins forces with City Mountainbike

We’re very pleased to become Official Partner of the UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup. The bike maintenance, ski wax and textile protection manufacturer, we, aim to become a global player in the cycling industry and welcomes City Mountainbike as a valuable partner in the field of mountain biking.

We are known for excellent quality and outstanding value for money. Being part of the UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup, Holmenkol will continue to improve and innovate its range of bike cleaning and maintenance products with a focus on its network of mountain bike athletes.


“This partnership is the perfect way to promote our product range to an exciting new audience. It allows us to raise brand awareness among professional mountain bike teams that compete in the series. World’s best athletes require the highest demands when it comes to performance and innovation”, says Timo Fleischmann, Business Director Holmenkol.



About City Mountainbike

Founded in 2006, in Waregem (Belgium), City Mountainbike is official UCI organising partner holding the exclusive rights to organise the UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Cup and the UCI Mountain Bike Eliminator World Championships. This relatively new discipline is a spectacular format of bringing mountain bike to the heart of cities, where a more urban public can discover the Eliminator series. City Mountainbike has a track record of over 55 events in major cities on different continents. Its thrilling format caught the attention of several cities and is well recognised by the XCE community to the discipline’s expansion throughout the world.
Find out more at www.citymountainbike.com


About Holmenkol

Holmenkol is a specialist for surface coatings in sports and the oldest ski wax brand in the world. The company also stands for top performance in textile care - "Made in Germany”. Holmenkol has been a specialist in chemical surface coatings in sports since 1922. In addition to the best quality and user-friendly tools, Holmenkol convinces with its expertise and athletes with valuable wax and care tips and tricks to the side.

The Holmenkol Bike Line was developed together with top athletes and professional mechanics. It fulfills the highest performance demands and gives athletes at every level the opportunity to concen-trate on the essentials – their sport. Effective cleaning and extreme reduction of friction and noise are possible with Holmenkol products. Holmenkol Bike Line, so you always make the right decision – on asphalt, gravel or on the trail.
License to Win – since 1922.