holmenkol 18. January 2021

XC Must Haves

Must haves for an unforgettable and pleasant day of skiing on the trail? - Naturally prepared skis
Glide easily and quickly over the trails. Enjoy skiing days as best as possible.
24/7 - every day, in any weather.

We concentrate on the essentials - cross-country skiing.

And all of this without having to compromise on performance.
But there is more to it. It's about nature, about responsibility.



The world's first SWAN Eco-certified ski wax - biodegradable!
XC must haves for your perfect day of skiing - 24/7


Nordic Profile or Skispanner

Classic Waxer


+ Base Brush Bronce

Skiwax: Natural Skiwax Bar

All-round ski waxes 24/7
✔ Are suitable for all types of snow and temperatures
✔ Ensure optimal sliding properties
✔ Maintain the surface
✔ Are biodegradable


This allows cross-country skiers to concentrate fully on their passion: cross-country skiing