Holmenkol 23. November 2017

She celebrated her biggest success of her career on February 25, 2016.
At the Junior World Championships in Rasnov, Romania, She won the silver medal in the 10 km freestyle race behind the Swede Ebba Andersson.

German championships

• Silver medal in 16.5 km freestyle in Oberhof 2016
• Silver medal in 30 km classic in Kirchzarten 2016
• Gold in 5 km freestyle in Oberwiesenthal 2015
• Gold in 10 km pursuit in Oberwiesenthal 2015

Our WorldRacing Nordic Coordinator, Thomas Burmann, met Katharina in his "office" for the
next days. The smell of freshly waxed skis is in the air! The preparations
in Kuusamo are running at full speed. The countdown to the first start is counted.

We wish you, Katharina, a successful season!