Holmenkol 18. June 2018

Functional sportswear is becoming more technical and complex.
In the laundry jungle there is a wide range of different detergents.

But, why a special detergent?
Is it absolutely necessary? Our answer is very clear - YES!

Because it is proven: Regular care ensures the optimal function and extends the life of textiles and shoes.
It increases the functionality of high-quality sports textiles, keeping them performing under extreme conditions
and protect their value and appearance in the long term.

With Textile Protection products, we deliver highly functional washing and  waterproofing agents.


Even with lowest temperatures, hand or cold wash, TextileWash develops its full washing power, which is absolutely necessary for sports and functional textiles.
Unpleasant smells are for the past.



Left picture:
Breathability takes place.
Right picture:
The fillers, bleach and optical brightener contained in conventional detergents have been shown to reduce the breathability of the functional fabrics.
As a result, the laundry can only be cleaned incompletely. The unpleasant smell of sweat often persists after washing.

Our tip:
Waterproof jackets after each wash (and as needed) with Textile Proof. This improves the beading effect and allows optimal transport of perspiration from inside to outside.


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