Holmenkol 20. November 2019

It's official: We are the world's first eco-certified ski wax manufacturer!

Our biodegradable Natural Skiwax bars have been awarded with the Nordic SWAN Eco-Label!

Good enough to ski like a pro, but eco enough to protect our nature.
With freshly prepared skis, of course with our bio hot wax, you are best prepared on and off the slopes directly into the new winter season! 

Skiing is our passion. In the morning, when the sun rises behind the  mountains and everything packed in cotton and
still untouched, then it says: grab your skis or snowboard,
straight into the gondola and up to the mountain station. Or:
Skins on and climb through snow-covered Winter forests to the summit.
To enjoy such days in the best possible way, we have a
high demands on our material.
The proper care of skis or snowboards plays a central role here.

HOLMENKOL Natural Skiwax Bar 150gHOLMENKOL Natural Skiwax Bar 2x35g

Get your SWAN Eco-Certified Bio Hotwax here: Natural Skiwax Bar

With the weather and snow conditions we need not worry.
HOLMENKOL Natural products can be used 24/7.
Every day, in any weather.

We focus on the essentials - skiing.
All without having to compromise on the performance.

“For us at Nordic Ecolabel, Holmenkol is a company with a long tradition in ski sport.
Therefore we are very happy to award the first  SWAN certification in the category of ski-waxes to our partner Holmenkol,
the world's oldest manufacturer of ski-wax.”
Statement: Thor Hirsch, Projekt-Manager at Nordic Ecolabel

What is the SWAN Eco Label?

The Nordic Ecolabel is found only on the environmentally best
products and services.

Mission : Make it easy to make the environmentally best choice

What does the SWAN Eco-Certificate say about our ski wax?

Nordic Swan Ecolabelled Ski wax

•Is fluorine-free

•Provides good glide performance

•Is dirt-repellent

•Has good wear resistance
•Is as good as equivalent fluorine-containing waxes.

HOLMENKOL Natural Products are biodegradable according to OECD 301. In already
28 days over 60 percent of the ingredients have degraded.

The Packaging:

In addition to the product features, the packaging and production requirements are also checked.
Your Bio Hotwax Bar will be delivered in a recyclable plastic packaging. The plastic packaging consists of 100% recycled material.

To make bio really organic, HOLMENKOL sets a high demand to the packaging of the Natural series. They are signed
with the “green dot” and can be disposed through the yellow bin or bag.
This development process is constantly being developed and optimized!

Products Made in Germany: short delivery routes
Resource-optimized production facility