holmenkol 25. January 2021

Skiing is our passion.


In the morning when the sun is out
appears behind the mountains and everything is wrapped in cotton and
appears still untouched, then it says:

Get on your touring skis and earn your turn, the ascent through snow-covered winter forests to the summit.
To make the most of days like this, we have one
high demands on our material.

In the following application videos you will find quick and easy ways to care for your touring skis:

1. SkiTour Stick
Universal wax stick for rubbing on ski skins and base.
Suitable for all types of snow and temperatures.
The stick is therefore perfect for on the go!

As an alternative to the stick, you can use the SkiTour Skin Spray at home in advance:

Finally, the surface of the skis is treated with the SkiTour Decor Spray to prevent snow from sticking:


With these 3 simple steps you`re ready to go!


Of course, you should make sure to keep your edges in good shape - you can watch the videos on edge preparation for this.

We wish you a lot of fun on your next tour!