Holmenkol 06. February 2018
Speed Speed Speed! Top speeds from the first second!
This is ensured by the new Syntec Speed Stick!
The practical high-fluorocarbon wax stick in a handy pocket size should not be missing in any rider's backpack. It is applied to the ski directly before take-off or at the start and convinces with its uncomplicated use and wide range of applications. There is nothing in the way for the perfect descent!
Enjoy the descent, the thrill of increasing speed, the wind in your face as the ski gains pace!

Nina Gigele

Nina Gigele, blogger, passionate skier, formerly even in the racing circus, has tested for the first time the new Syntec Speed Stick and put under the microscope.
But see for yourself and learn more about their novelty test!

Nina Gigele:

"Putting on the fastest ski wax which was ever made on my skis I
was super excited how I gonna feel the change on my skis.
It was a nice and sunny day skiing with friends, started very early
on groomed slopes. My heart was beating, ready to feel the
difference. Having an alpine ski race background made it even
more excited to test the newest wax on earth. Now as a
passionate skier I do love skiing on piste but my heart beats for
powder and untouched snow. Sam and I did the first run, but the
difference was that he didn’t put on the wax from the beginning.
So what happened next was we both started on the same time
skiing a middle steep slope and the very first part we just went
straight to see a difference. I was a little ahead. Sam got stoked
about my quick start so he put the new wax on his ski as well.
Skiing on freshly groomed slopes was simply amazing but we
also wanted to test it on our powder skis. As during the day the
weather was still perfect we skied as much as possible on my
playground in St Anton am Arlberg. As the new wax is easy to
keep it in the bag, I just put it on the ski right before dropping in.
Playing around on skis was simply amazing. It felt like a never
ending skiing day. I highly recommend the wax for all motivated
skiers out there, even for free skiers its the best tool to bring with
you, as in different situations you can easy handle it. I guess you
want to avoid pushing all the way out of a valley right after having
an awesome run. Well, I want to avoid it as I want to be fast.

I recommend the wax to all motivated skiers out there who love the speed, but also for freeskiers it's the best I've tested so far and it's still easy to use. I want to be fast so HOLMENKOL is my choice. Convince yourself. The Syntec Speed Stick is available from the new season and can be pre-ordered at the dealer of your confidence! "

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Sam Robbo