Holmenkol 08. August 2019

New Adventures Calling for the two HOLMENKOL athletes Toni Escher and Tobias Rath.
This year's destination for their high alpine tour was to the Monte Rosa massif on the Swiss-Italian border with its many peaks of 4000m.

HOLMENKOL Athleten Tobias Rath und Toni Escher

After last year's very demanding final exam on the most difficult 4000m of the Alps, the Aiguille Verte (4122m) in the Mont Blanc area, this time the successful roped team s‍et a completely new goal: contrary to their previous summit ascents with the help of a self-established bivouac basecamp this year the "tallest building in Europe", the imposing Capanna Margherita (4557m), as a base serve. Since this "Rifugio" is built directly on the summit of an impressive 4000s, the Signalkuppe (4559m), nothing should stand in the way of an extensive 4000 collection within three days. After a strenuous ascent of 1800 meters in adverse conditions (fresh snow and strong winds) Toni and Tobi reached the refuge, as the last of four 4000ern in their rise, at four and a half thousand meters altitude as the only rope team on this day.

On the second day the two left at 6:00 am and climbed first the Zumsteinspitze (4563m) and then the Lyskamm-Ostgipfel (4527m) over the steep and sharp ridge. Once again, the HOLMENKOL athletes stayed overnight on the legendary and notorious "alpinist" "Capanna", because almost every second climber there is suffering from altitude sickness. Fortunately, our two ski marathon runners were spared, despite challenging assignments. Thanks to the new HOLMENKOL Sun Control Stick and LipBalm, staying 48 hours over 4000m in altitude as well as the extreme UV exposure did not harm the two of them!

HOLMENKOL Athleten Tobias Rath

At 4:30 clock on the third and last day the alarm clock rang. The breathtaking panorama from the terrace of the "Margherita" in the 2000m sloping south wall and the spectacular distant view of the still sleeping Milan, over 70km away, are unique in Europe and are considered in mountain climbing circles as a legendary "must-have"! Also on this last day the well-rehearsed roped party was still hungry for the summit: And so on this final and descent day two more 4000s (Vincenz pyramid and Punta Giordani) were added.

HOLMENKOL Athleten Tobias Rath und Toni Escher

Already now, as the two HOLMENKOL athletes agree, ambitious projects for the coming year are coming up with the "HOLMENKOL-LICENSE TO CLIMB"!

Until then,
See you on snow!