Holmenkol 16. April 2018

Temperatures are rising - the summer is slowly approaching! Time to exchange the ski equipment for cycling and hiking clothes.
But how about my skis? What is true for wintersports athletes during summer, is also a must for the ski equipment: stay fit in the snow-free time!
Anyone who optimally prepares their skis for the summer break, extends the life of it.

It makes sense to repair the base (if necessary) at the end of the season. Before storing, work the edges with an edge grinder.
Wax the base as usual, e.g. with Betamix red.
Important: DO NOT remove the wax afterwards! Store skis waxed over the summer, only remove the edge, with the plastic scraper, from the wax.
Store the skis in a dry and cool room. Garage or garden shed are subject to strong temperature changes in summer, which can lead to the formation of condensation and the edges of the ski rust. Dry and closed rooms in the basement are better suited.

Once again summarized, you should note the following points and your skis are optimally ready to use even after the summer:

1. Repair the Base
2. Prepare Edge with ProfiEdger
3. Wax Base with Betamix
4. DO NOT remove ski wax
5. Expose the ski edge with the plastic scraper
6. Store skis in a dry room

Also, your boots and ski clothing should properly be summered to avoid a rude awakening after the summer.

Ski Boots & Snowboard Boots:
Spray in with SportHygienic to prevent accumulation of bacteria and unpleasant odors.

Be sure to wash and re-impregnate.
Only functional detergents such as the TextileWash and no softener should be used. TextileWash gently cleanses at 30 ° C breathable sportswear and contains no bleach, optical brightener and fillers.

Then impregnate with Textile Proof to maintain the breathability.