Holmenkol 28. January 2018

Have you ever asked yourself what happens before the races? What does the work look like behind the scenes?
And how do you actually know which wax to take?

A glimpse behind the scenes, everyday work in the ski world cup of technicians.
Also this year, the expertise of WorldRacing Coordinator Marcel Lipburger is in demand. In an interview with Hans Knauss, ORF, he gives insights into everyday working life.
Snow textures, temperatures and the right wax selection for the fast ski #licensetowin

Experts among themselves! There is also talk about the wax selection for the fast skis!
A special highlight for the magicians behind the scenes, the service technicians in the wax cellar and our World Racing team and their racing information and wax tips, without which the perfect match of the material would not be possible for the athlete.