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HOLMENKOL Natural Story


Skiing is our passion. In the morning, when the sun rises behind
the mountains and everything is packed in cotton wool and still
untouched, it says: grab your skis or snowboard, straight to the
gondola and up to the mountain station. Or: skins on and climb
through snow-covered winter forests up to the summit.
In o‍rder to enjoy such days at their best, we have a high
demand of our material.




HOLMENKOL Natural Skiwax X Isabelle Hanssen




Here, the proper care of skis or snowboards
plays a central role.
To wax and care for your skis and snowboards regularly,
HOLMENKOL makes it simple with the Natural Skiwax series.
The products are simple and fast in the application.




- Apply thinly,
- wait a moment
- and polish in with the felt pad.




We do not need anything else.

With the weather and snow conditions we need
not worry.
HOLMENKOL Natural products can be used 24/7.
Every day, in any weather.
We focus on the essentials - skiing.
All without having to compromise on the performance.

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Holmenkol Natural Skiwax 24/7








We are outdoor, living in and with nature. It is
important to protect it. HOLMENKOL Natural Products
are biodegradable according to OECD 301. In already
28 days over 60 percent of the ingredients have
degraded. That is why these products carry that
Bio label –
a unique selling point.







We would not like to think of the idea of „bio“ just
by meaning the ingredients of the products. The environmental
cycle starts with the production. The production site near
Münster/Nordrhein Westfalen ensures short delivery routes.
The use of green electricity and the in-house photovoltaic
system ensure a low energy consumption. Every day we will
work to reduce the consumption of energy, water and waste.
In a year up to five Tons of waste, 70,000 kWh of electricity,
16.8 tonnes of CO2 and 375 cubic meters water can be saved.
HOLMENKOL wants to push this route.

To make bio really organic, We s‍et a high demand to the packaging of the Natural series.
They are signed with the “green dot” and can be disposed through the yellow
bin or bag.




 HOLMENKOL X Marker Dalbello Völkl International




 HOLMENKOL Natural Skiwax X Christoph Lechner