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Innovations at ISPO 20


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With around 2,850 exhibitors and 80,000 visitors from 120 countries, we can look back on a very successful 50th event. That ISPO Munich is the most important platform for the international sports business was proven together with the ISPO under the motto "Be responsible. Be active. Be creative."






HOLMENKOL resolutely pursuing commitment to sustainability
Ski wax manufacturer showing the way forward: World’s first eco-certified natural ski wax only the beginning
HOLMENKOL is all about environmental protection and performance – for professionals and hobby skiers alike. Principles that are not mutually exclusive for this ski wax manufacturer. On the contrary. The company is resolutely pursuing its commitment to sustainability.



The criteria were strict. Requirements were high. The Nordic SWAN Ecolabel is not handed out casually, but instead only given to particularly environmentally-friendly products – in very different fields. At the same time, performance plays an important role in the assessment. The label has been extremely well known for a long time in Scandinavia, where it is especially renowned. “It is not excessive that we are celebrating this distinction as a milestone in our history”, says Timo Fleischmann, Business Director Sales & Brand. They are celebrating because HOLMENKOL has received a SWAN certificate, making it the world’s first eco-certified manufacturer of ski wax. HOLMENKOL took part in the demanding certification process with the Natural Skiwax Bar. It meets all the criteria: Firstly, it is biodegradable.

HOLMENKOL Eco-Certified Natural Skiwax Bar


At the same, it delivers impressive quality and performance. Athletes do not have to compromise. “The protection of the environment is not at the expense of performance”, emphasises Fleischmann: “This is performance with a good conscience.”


"Environmental protection is not at the expense of performance," emphasizes Fleischmann: "This is performance with a clear conscience."




The entire Natural range is biodegradable
Commitment to sustainability – for HOLMENKOL a mission that arises from the company’s identity. "We live outdoors, we love outdoors, we are outdoors," says Pupp. "Nature is our playground - that's why we have to protect it."

This principle applies to the entire Natural range, whose products carry the eco-label – another unique selling point. They are biodegradable in accordance with OECD 301. More than 60 percent of the ingredients are degraded after 28 days. And with these products, winter sports enthusiasts don't even have to compromise on performance. They are also distinguished by their simple and quick application: apply thinly, wait a short time and then polish with felt. Done. They can be used 24/7, on any day, in any weather.








HOLMENKOL Natural Skiwax Collection - biodegradable








Soluble detergent capsules, fluoride-free impregnation
The principle of naturalness also covers care products. For example, HOLMENKOL is presenting soluble detergent capsules – unique in sports retail – in the form of Textile Wash Natural Capsules. As well as this, sustainable raw materials are used. The principle “easy to use” applies here as well and does not just mean simplicity in application but also responsibility. Because the capsules prevent the use of too much detergent. On top of this, a plastic bottle is used, which reduces waste.




HOLMENKOL Textile Wash Natural Capsules - kurz WashCaps




HOLMENKOL is also mindful of the environment when it comes to impregnation. Natural Proof guarantees waterproofness with simple spraying, entirely without fluoride. An important pointer to the future. Because spray impregnation is just the beginning. In the next few years, HOLMENKOL is going to develop a 100 percent fluoride-free collection. HOLMENKOL has developed Natural Active Wax for environmentally responsible yet at the same time high-quality shoe care. It is biologically degradable and suitable for all hiking and outdoor shoes.


Environmental awareness goes further than the product
But, for HOLMENKOL, sustainability is not limited to the end-product. Instead, the company applies this criteria to the entire manufacturing process. For example, the natural series is “made in Germany”. The manufacturing plant close to Munster/North Rhine-Westphalia makes short delivery routes possible. In addition, we make use of green electricity and the in-house photovoltaic plant. Every day we are working on further reducing the consumption of energy, water, and waste. We have already been able to save up to five tonnes of waste, 70,000 kWh of electricity, 16.8 tonnes of CO2 and 375 cubic metres of water in one year. This has already been acknowledged: The production plant is ISO-certified for its resource optimisation. “We want to continue on this path and stay consistent”, says Pupp.

















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