Holmenkol 15. January 2018

Out into the great outdoors to escape the stress of day-to-day routine – for many winter athletes, a daily round of cross-country skiing provides the perfect break. For full enjoyment and a smooth run, it's important for the skis to slide properly. The new Nordic Skin Spray by HOLMENKOL prevents snow and ice from sticking to the skin, ensuring optimum anti-friction. The low-impact, environment-friendly air spray is applied before going out on the cross-country trail and rubbed in with a fleece cloth in the direction of skiing; it can also be applied lightly with a wax iron at approx. 100°C if preferred. It is ready for use right away after a brief drying period. The spray is a genuine all-rounder and is suitable for all snow types and temperatures. It also provides ideal care and maintenance for all types of Nordic climbing skins.



After the trail is before the trail. For this reason, HOLMENKOL recommends cleaning cross-country skis regularly so as to preserve their anti-friction and climbing properties. The new Skin Cleaner maintains the skins, removing dirt and wax residue without impairing the adhesive. Application is straightforward: moisten a fleece cloth with the Skin Cleaner and clean the skins in the direction of skiing. The spray is suitable for both Nordic skins and ski touring skins.