holmenkol 14. May 2020

We are your partner - all year round!
Known from winter sports as the first ski wax manufacturer, HOLMENKOL heard the new bike line and is your contact for premium care for bicycles and e-bikes.

Winter sports enthusiasts - regardless of whether, the touring skiers, cross-country skiers, skiers, top athletes or recreational athletes: after winter, they do not simply stop moving in nature. They are still looking for the outdoor adventure, many of them switch to racing bikes or mountain bikes.

In addition to the Careline, which has been established for many years, with functional detergents and impregnations for high-quality ski and outdoor clothing - also ideal for bike jerseys and shorts - we are now also supporting you with the right bike care.

We love our bikes and cover several kilometers during summer training, on the trail or simply on a nice trip in nature with the family.
So that the joy lasts for a long time, that dirty bike shines like new again, the chain does not rust and your bike runs smoothly, we can not avoid proper care.


With the new HOLMENKOL Bike Line we present you a range of performance and classic products for optimal care and value retention of your bike.
We don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning and greasing, so the range is kept slim and easy to use.

We concentrate on the essentials - biking!
Exactly, get out into nature, step on the saddle and pedal!
Experience adventure - rock trails! Claim the burning calf reward. Feel the wind when we drive down the trails or road.

Freezing Motions - Fotograf: Klaus Listl

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Or ask your local dealer - they will be happy to help you and o‍rder the product you want.

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