Holmenkol 20. February 2019

At -28 ° degrees, World Cup Coordinator Alpine, Marcel Lipburger, had a warm welcome in Sweden.
Wax tests with 115 km / h at these sub-zero temperatures are sometimes still carried out without gloves #iceicebaby

HOLMENKOL, SkiWM Are2019, Skitest Marcel Lipburger (WRT Alpine)

HOLMENKOL, SkiWM Are2019, Skitest Marcel Lipburger (WRT Alpine)

Before the official races take place, the world racing team is there to test all wax combinations
to s‍elect the optimum wax for the cold conditions in Are.
Also new WorldCup waxes are tested and some were already used for the world champs,
for that extra speed and to find new product innovations.

HOLMENKOL, SkiWM Are2019, Track Inspection, Florian Schwertl (WRT Alpine)
Exciting races,a view behind the scenes as well as the fight for gold, silver and bronze are behind us.

HOLMENKOL SkiWm 2019 Are

The Servicemen gave their best #heroesbehindthescenes


All insights #behindthescenes can be found in the highlights on Instagram @holmenkol

The Alpine Ski World Championships 2019 in Åre are over and we can look back on a successful Time
many medals in which we were allowed to participate in the fight for hundredths of a second,
that's a great result of the season so far!

More to come!
We look forward to the upcoming races and keep our fingers crossed for all athletes!