holmenkol 09. November 2020


When do I have to wax my skis?

- if there are new

Before you use new skis for the first time, you should give them
some basic preparation. This also goes for freshly sharpened and
structured skis.

This first preparation is important as it enables the wax to penetrate
deep into the ski base. Due to mechanical structuring of the base,
fine hairs are produced and these are removed by this preparation.
It also protects the base while edge tuning.

- when you have the feeling your ski is no longer sliding

- if the ski surface is rough and the color is white / grayish

- if you ski very often
(E.g. before a 1-week ski vacation = hot wax / during vacation with liquid wax such as Betamix Liquid or the biodegradable alternative natural ski wax liquid)

- after the season to stock the skis over the summer

We always have a mix of hot wax and liquid wax to c‍ast our first.
This of course always depends on how often you go skiing!



Liquid Wax: