holmenkol 19. February 2020

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Soluble detergent capsules, fluoride-free impregnation
The principle of naturalness also covers care products. For example, HOLMENKOL is presenting soluble detergent capsules – unique in sports retail – in the form of Textile Wash Natural Capsules. As well as this, sustainable raw materials are used. The principle “easy to use” applies here as well and does not just mean simplicity in application but also responsibility. Because the capsules prevent the use of too much detergent. On top of this, a plastic bottle is used, which reduces waste.

Soluble detergent Capsules
– Capsules allow optimal dosage
– Innovative foil dissolves residue-free during the washing process
– Recyclable outer packaging reduces waste
– Children Safety Packaging!
– Biodegradable




See Productdetails here: TextileWash Natural Capsules


HOLMENKOL Textile Wash Natural Capsules


HOLMENKOL is also mindful of the environment when it comes to impregnation. Natural Proof guarantees waterproofness with simple spraying, entirely without fluoride. An important pointer to the future. Because spray impregnation is just the beginning. In the next few years, HOLMENKOL is going to develop a 100 percent fluoride-free collection.

See Productdetails here: Natural Proof

Natural proof


HOLMENKOL has developed Natural Active Wax for environmentally responsible yet at the same time high-quality shoe care. It is biologically degradable and suitable for all hiking and outdoor shoes.

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