holmenkol 24. August 2020

Ultimate Bike Performance & Protection

You have chosen the program "1 - Allround cleaning & care".

Your washing program will start shortly and includes the following complete cleaning steps:

Premium basic cleaning with Natural BikeWash

Cleaning of the drive parts and metal parts with the MultiCleaner

Cleaning of the brake disc and frames with the DiscBrakeCleaner

Everything you need for all-round cleaning and care:


Let`s Wash!

  • First remove coarse dirt and mud with a special Fleece. Proceed carefully and use e.g. the cleaning fleece CareFleece so that you don't scratch the frame with hardly visible stones


  • Premium basic cleaning with Natural BikeWash

    The bike cleaner Natural Bike Wash is biodegradable and not only makes your bike shine, but also the environment.
    Spray the frame or entire bike generously with BikeWash and let it work for 5 minutes.

    Then wash off with water and a sponge. Here too, the CareFleece is ideal for gently wiping your bike and cleaning hard-to-reach spaces.
    Alternatively, or if it is not very dirty, you can also hose down your bike with a garden hose.
    Cleaning only with water often leads to stains or rust, which is why cleaning with special high-performance bicycle cleaners has proven itself.
    Special washing additives facilitate wheel cleaning in hard-to-reach places and reduce the adhesion of dirt particles without attacking the paint surface.
    Click here for the application video: HowtoUse NBW

    ProRiders Tipp: Do not wash in direct / strong sunlight to avoid streaks when drying.

    So that the moisture does not cause corrosion in open aluminum / steel areas, you should dry the frame or bike thoroughly.
    Guess what: Here, too, you are well advised with the CareFleece and you can use the fleece in just 3 cleaning steps without using X different sponges and brushes.
  • Cleaning of the drive parts and metal parts MultiCleaner 
    HOLMENKOL MultiCleaner

    With the MultiCleaner you can clean all drive and metal parts quickly and easily. Cleans and degreases metal parts such as chains, sprockets, etc.
    In the following clip we show you how you can easily clean your chain with the MultiCleaner & CareFleece: HowtoUse MC
    Die Flasche gut schütteln und aufsprühen. Für 5 min einwirken lassen und die Kette durch das CareFleece "ziehen". 

  • Last but not least, don't forget the brake discs. The DiscBrakeCleaner removes brake dust and dirt from the brake disc and body and does not attack any surfaces or rubber seals.
    HOLMENKOL DiscBrakeCleaner

    CareFleece is again your perfect choice for cleaning the disc brake parts. The DiscBrakeCleaner ensures an optimal braking effect! HowToUse DBC 
    Spray on, leave for approx. 2 minutes and rub off.

    Now that you have brought your bike to a shine, you should definitely not neglect the second wellness step.
    -> Program 2 - "Oiling & Lubricating"