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Nanotechnology-a great history of dwarfs!

Only seldom has technology gotten so much attention within just a few years as nano technology.
It is more than a trend and is considered a key technology of the 21st century.

What is so exciting about it?

Almost all of the things which are around are large enough that we can view them with our eyes.
They exist in magnitudes of meters, centimeters and millimeters (macro-world). For smaller things
it is harder for us to grasp what is happening.

What is nano technology?

“Nano” originates from the Greek word “nanos” = Dwarf. Nano technology found in an area of
magnitude which is more than ten thousand times smaller than a millimeter. Through the reduction
to nano dimensions, well-known materials gain completely new properties. Innovative companies are
implementing these discoveries to create new products and methods.

Is nano technology new?

No, every human cell, for example, consists of particles in the nanometer area. Nano technology was
used completely accidentally as early as the Middle Ages. Particles from the same material have very
different properties in the macro and nano world. Gold changes its color in the nano area, loses its
metallic character and is red in color. That is why church windows gleam with a ruby red color even
though gold particles were melted into the glass.

What makes it of interest for sport coatings?

What makes it of interest for sport coatings?
An important reason for the new properties is the ratio of the particles‘ diameter to their surface.
If, for example, you divide a large dice into smaller and smaller dice, the surface area of the many
small dice is several times greater than that of the large dice. For example, many chemical reactions
occur on the surface of what is known as catalysts (= reaction accelerators of chemical reactions).
If you increase the surface areas of these catalysts, you thereby can increase their activity. In
sport coverings, for example, effects such as water repulsion, glide effect etc. can be dramatically
increased. Nano technology is superior to conventional technologies many times over. Through selforganizing,
intelligent arrangement the optimum coating can be produced systematically for
the respective application.