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Hygienic- Effect

Bacteria and germs survive washing temperatures under 60°C. All products with this seal have a hygienic effect at low washing temperatures and respectively in cold application. It stands for more hygiene, security and comfort in sports.

Sweating is the cooling system of the human body. It continuously produces heat which it can emit
outward through the evaporation of the sweat on the human body.
The quantities produced quickly increase with physical effort and correspondingly high temperatures.
A person secretes at least ½ liters of sweat per day. This amount can exceed 5 liters with high
temperatures and when playing sports.
As a rule, sweat is odor-free. The typical odor only occurs when it is contaminated by bacteria.
Functional sports clothes can generally only be washed at 30°C or 40°C. Protectors only by hand.
The laundry can only be washed but cannot be washed completely clean. The unpleasant odor often
remains also after laundering.
HOLMENKOL TextileWash with built-in hygiene effect can be used even when laundering at the
lowest temperatures – even hand washables – for a hygienically clean effect.